Photo of Sgt. Howard of CRUMP STATION PRECINCT on 3/20/2018 entering victim home where crime took place.
Photos of damage did to front vehicle grill and light caused by suspect attempting to break into minivan hood on 3/12/2018
Updated 09/18/2018
Suspect after being called to come out of victim carport. Victim face to face in doorway.
Suspect in victim carport carrying large sack that is not a woman pocketbook as Sgt. Howard lied about being so.
Sgt. Detective Howard on 3/25/2018 lies to victim that no damage was on his vehicle front grill but 2 little fine scratches when she looked at it on 3/20/2018 . However the photos were taken before 3/20/2018 with victim cell phone which attack the date that a photo is taken. So she is flat out lying to cover up for the suspect. Just as she is lying that the big sack that suspect was carrying her burglary tool in is a woman pocketbook. As if the victim don't know a purse from a sack. When the victim was looking right at it from no more than15 ft. in person in his doorway .
    On 3/12/2018 at 5:44 pm Victim was alerted by someone entering his driveway. He looked at the video security monitor and notice from camera #1 and #2 that a dark blue minivan had pulled in his driveway. About 6 second later a black female that was driving exit the auto carrying a large sack proceeded to walk toward into the carport and at the same time turned her head looking to her right at the home front door. You can clearly see all of this from the video footage. She went to the front of the victim Nissan Quest van and turn her back to the camera and went down out of view. At the same time owner were listening to see if he could hear anyone knocking on the back door but did not hear a knock. Then victim proceeded to leave the room with the monitors to head to the living room front door. Now bare in mind that the victim is a disable handicap person and can't walk very fast.  By the time the victim made it to the front door and open it and the iron security door and cracked it and yelled for the suspect to come out of his carport twice, she finally came out. She walk toward the victim about 14 to 15ft. from the front door. She was acting as if she was high on something. That is when the victim got a in person and close up look at the sack she was still carrying. And could see some type of long object about 12 in. in length sticking out the tip top of the sack.  She proceeded to tell the victim that she was up in his carport trying to find out if his vehicle was for sale. She was asked if she see a for sell sign on it anywhere. But she could not answer that question and was told that she need to go to an car dealer lot, that have vehicles for sell. Judging by the video when she got back in the piece of junk they was in, it took 20 seconds for it to start up before her and the other party that didn't get out was able to backed back out of the driveway and leave. The police was not called right away for a few reasons. One thing that the victim know from pass incidents, nothing would be did about it anyway and also because the victim remembered where he had seen the female suspect at. Which was many times from his window at this well known drug activity house next door which nothing have been really did about . However someone did see a little raid bust over there once in 2016 by the  O.C.U. , and they did supposedly brought out of the house a big bag of drugs but no one was arrested.  

​​    On 3/20/2018 Sgt. Detective Howard came to the victim home to see the videos of the suspect . She attempted to imply that the female suspect may have been someone that the victim was involved with or have been involved with ( SEXUALLY ), which is far from the truth, (TOTALLY B. S.) . The only thing the victim know about the suspect is that she comes and goes from the drug activity house next door and may be a relative of people at the house. It appears that Sgt. Howard was in an attempt to distance the suspect from the drug house next door for some reason.

   On 3/25/2018 Sgt. Howard went into a defense cover-up mode lying to the victim that it was not any damage to the front of his vehicle near the center of the hood on the grill but 2 little lite fine scratches, however photos taken before Sgt. Howard ever looked at the victim vehicle shows otherwise. ​​

   Also on 3/25/2018 Sgt. Howard lies and states to the victim that the big sack that the suspect was carrying was a woman purse pocketbook, which is far from the truth. It is clear from looking at the videos footage that it is not a woman purse. Everybody that have ​​viewed the videos doesn't seems to think it is a purse but the police. The victim seen it with his own eyeballs in person from his doorway for a good 30 seconds or more, no further than 15 ft. away and knows for sure what it was. So what is the motive for Sgt. Howard lying about the incident as though she was there in person and the photo and videos are not showing the facts.  The ( COVER UP ) is much more bigger than the Crime. Will try and upload the videos if possible. The suspect was seen on her knees in front of the vehicle tampering with the hood, from a window first of all. And victim did observe dirt on her knees as he was talking to her from his doorway. However it's not a mystery what she was really up to.  Victim first thought they was trying to steal the battery but who knows for sure. It could always be other unknown reasons for suspect trying to get the hood open. However it was most certainly uninvited  ( CRIMINAL TRESPASSING )  to start with. Ending with a cover up and ( DERELICTION OF DUTY ) by MPD Detectives.
The videos are really about 4 minuets in real time length but when they were saved, they were compressed. And when there was no motion, there was no recording. After the first play, right click in the video and select the play speed for .125X and that will slow down the play speed. When you backup and save these types of video clips, it save them in a fast motion speed for some reason.
Drug activity house in the neighborhood that is a Nuisance. Been reported to MPD so many times, we have lost count of.
Short video of a drug sell in progress from house to the left on 8/26/2018 at around 6:45 PM. Too many to post.
Alleges LB Richardson on looking while his son Marquez Dickerson and others appear to sell drugs from porch of his home at 983 N. Garland Street in this video
Suspect appear to be selling drugs to small black sedan that pulls up in front of neighbor home from off of porch next door
Suspect walking down sidewalk is seen serving vehicles day in and day out up and down N. Garland Street