Steve Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep Misleading Mail Advertisement
   If one of these flyers should show up in your mail box, put it in the garbage. Because it is not worth the paper it is printed on. When you scratch  off the six boxes of the cash prizes you will more than likely have a winning number. And when you call that phone number you get an automated voice saying you are a winner and to head to the event. It is a waste of time driving all the way over there to Marion Ar. When you get there you will be asked for your driving license and your social security number to supposedly verify that you are the person the flyer was mailed to. And if you ask the person what is the catch , they will tell you that there is no catch. However there is a catch and another motive for getting your information. The whole gimmick of the flyer is to get you at the event to try and pressure you to buy an over priced high mileage used vehicle, even if you tell them that you are not in the market or wanting to buy a vehicle at the moment . They will still insist on you looking at some of their used vehicles. And will tell you that they are not pulling hard inquiry on your credit report. But all the time while you are there they are doing just that even when you specific tell them that you are not interested in hard inquiries being put on your credit report. And they lie to you right in your face and tell you that it is not being did. Will lie and tell you that the normal mileage is now 25000 mile per year and that is not true, and that one of their used vehicle will pay for itself by using less gas. No one in their right mind would want to finance a six year old Toyota vehicle with 87000 miles on it for $27,000 or $22,000 a rip off, when you own 3 vehicle in top running condition, and you didn't take the drive from Memphis, TN over to Marion, Ar. to buy a vehicle in the first place. But only to find out if the mail flyer was a scam or not and it seems as though it might have possibly been one now. And they have the nerve to lie and tell you also that this Toyota is a $50,000 dollar vehicle. It wasn't a $50,000 dollar vehicle when it was new. Somewhere around  $36,000 according to the MSRP. However their business practices seems to be very deceptive. On around 8/7/2018 the victim received a letter from Commerce Bank, which was one of the places that these people had sent a loan application in the victim name without their permission. So we called a phone number that was on the letter, for if you had any question. However the loan application was denied mainly because, according to the Bank underwriter , a very nice lady that answered the phone had a long conversation. We were informed that the vehicle was indeed overpriced greatly. And that there was no way that much money would be loaned on that particular vehicle, not by Commerce Bank. However she was informed that the victim was not even aware that a loan application had bent sent to Commerce Bank in the victim name. And if you read all of the above, you can guess what comment she made about the misleading mail flyer.
Posted 7/27/2018
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