What Is Known About Marquez Dickerson
Well it should be very clear now in 2018 why he had a gun, and what is the reasons for him having one now at the age of 23 and selling drugs??? And was even pulled over once, I believe in 2016  at Jackson & Watkins and guess what was found in the car. We read the report online. Brandish a weapon at an senior citizen in 2017 and nothing was even did about it after a report was filed. Sources state that he has an relative on the MPD, because you can google his name in any search engine and you will be surprise at the number of arrest records. When he did the shooting at age 17, he was suspended from school at the time and date when that happen, for pulling an fire alarm in the school building. Just had no kind of home upbringing. It appears he has been in and out of trouble all of his adult life as well.
Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland Has Fell This City Under His Watch
   Back in March of 2018 I emailed Mayor Strickland concerning issues of this area involving Marquez Dickerson being allowed to terrorize and intimidate a resident that is a senior citizen. We received a response back that only stated that this will be investigated but never got any type of follow up.  We didn't expect to hear back from anyone really, especially the MPD because of their pass track record. Months later on July the 4th at about 11:45 PM the senior citizen victim heard what sounded like shooting and fireworks right in front of his front door and saw it on the security monitor. Victim went to the front door and open it and looked at Marquez Dickerson no more than 24 feet away aiming rockets right at his vehicle and front door. Quickly closed the door and called the Police, and after hours no one had showed up. Call back some where around 2:00 or 3:00 am and finally one showed up after 3:30 am that morning. After getting a copy of the report we notice that the report was not as the victim stated to the Officer. And no one ever did a follow up with the victim concerning the vandalism and intimidation as the officer stated would be did. Not only did the victim see and identified  Marquez Dickerson to the Officer but the next day one of the neighbor spoke with the victim and identified Dickerson as the one that carried out the act. After seeing that the MPD was not concern about doing their job. We email Mayor Jim Strickland again and got no response. Not even another this will be investigated lie as before. This is totally a disgrace as Mayor of this city. Time for him to be voted out of Office.
Victim vehicle exploding in sparks and fire did by Marquez Dickerson that no one has ever seen until now, because no one ever investigated it.
Marquez Dickerson and his little hood rat girlfriend vandalism of victim home and vehicle. That is his red Ford Focus  that he drives with a driveout tag on it for month. 
Posted 11/26/2018